Important Information about the Cabinet Makers Association of WA

Established in 1980, The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) of WA aims to raise the level of industry professionalism and improve industry standards in order to deliver better value for consumers.
With over 250 members across the state, the CMA represent a considerable segment of all established cabinet makers in WA as well as many industry suppliers.  For information about supplier members and the products and services they offer please contact the CMA office on 1300 768 016 or go to the CMA website.

The WA cabinet making industry is characterized by a large number of small businesses. While this can result in healthy competition, some consumers find cabinet makers will cut corners, resulting in questionable quality standards.

So if you choose a CMA member for your project you can be confident that you are dealing with a professional endorsed by the only organisation solely representing the industry in WA.

What the CMA does

The Cabinet Makers Association assists member businesses in Perth and throughout WA to improve their business practices and works to maintain and raise industry standards.  It also acts as an advocate for the industry and as a resource for consumers.  If you can’t find what you are after on this site you are very welcome  to contact the CMA by phone or email.

Why Choose a Member of the Cabinet Makers Association?

When you choose a member of the Cabinet Makers Association you are choosing a business which undertakes to uphold the rules of the association and provide value for money for its customers.

All members are recommended to use CMA issued contracts which comply with the Home Building Contracts Act.
CMA members are expected to produce work which complies with the Australian Standards and using Australian Standard compliant materials.

Prior to acceptance as a member, businesses are assessed by the CMA as to their competence, experience and professionalism.

When you choose a member of the CMA you can be secure in the knowledge that in the event of a problem with workmanship or dispute you can turn to the CMA for assistance.  If required a qualified cabinetmaker will be assigned to inspect the work, provide you with a comprehensive written report and appear as a witness in court.  This service is provided free of charge.

The CMA takes its responsibility to consumers seriously and will, if necessary, take action against any member who fail to uphold their responsibilities.  This action can include expelling them from the association.

Dispute resolution

The CMA also provides a no-cost dispute resolution service for members and their customers, so you can use a CMA member’s services with confidence.  For more information about the CMA’s dispute resolution service please go to consumer info on the drop down menu above.

Useful information from the Association (click to view)

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